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A song to soothe your soul

This song is my prayer to God. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious I play this song a couple times,close my eyes,and make it my prayer. Then I feel the peace of God come over me. I love songs that soothe my soul.

Thank_you Jesus for beautiful soul-reaching music.

Man After Your Own Heart
Gary Chapman
Words and Music By: Wayne Kirkpatrick and Billy Sprague

O God, Father in heaven and earth
I call to You like deep calls to deep over water
Show me Your endless measure of grace
Let tender mercies shine once again
From Your holy face

Deep in my soul there's a craving
To please the One who has saved me
O God, Though I have fallen so far
You know that I'm still A man after Your own heart

I am driven by rivers of pride
You are my rescue
The Maker and Keeper of my life
Lead me by the still waters again
Use me in spite of the prodigal child
That You know I am

Just as a deer runs to water
So does my soul to You, Father
O God, though I have wandered so far
You know that I'm still
A man after Your own heart
I'm still a man after Your own heart
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